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Designed for teachers, students, and members of the broader public who want to learn about Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (c. 300-1500 C.E.), this website provides resources for both teaching and research, including:

  • Short videos by world-renowned experts accompanied by discussion questions and primary source materials
  • Introductions to medieval digital projects
  • Workshops on how to use digital tools to study the medieval past
  • Curated links to associated websites with medieval content, images, digitized manuscripts, or other medieval materials.
Illuminated Manuscript depicting the Battle from the Trojan War

First Master of the Bible historiale of Jean de Berry (French, active about 1390 - about 1400)

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Featured Resources - High Middle Ages

The Case of Rolandina Ronchaia, a 14th - century transwoman?

In this video three historians of gender and sexuality examine the legal case of Rolandina Ronchaia, a transwoman in mid-fourteenth century Venice,

Medieval Memes

Curated and produced by a team of 3 volunteers at the KB, National Library of the Netherlands, the Medieval Memes site allows you to make your own memes with the images they provide, or ones you choose yourself. 

Abbess Opportuna with a Staff and a Book

Workshop of the Bedford Master (French, active first half of 15th century)