Annotated Manuscripts with Digital Mappa

Dot Porter, University of Pennsylvania

Explains how to use Digital Mappa to annotated manuscripts for student use, or with students.


Digital Mappa is an open-source tool for displaying, annotating, and publishing images of manuscripts. The ability to make detailed and linked digital annotations on manuscript images is Digital Mappa’s strength, but the platform also provides space for text to introduce, support, or give translations of the manuscripts. Its flexibility makes it possible for researchers or educators to make many different kinds of manuscripts accessible to many different kinds of students and scholars.


This tool talk is part of a longer introduction to Digital Mappa by Dot Porter, which can be viewed here.

Tools and Repositories

Digital Mappa





Virtual Mappa 2.0 (digitized and annotated medieval maps)

The Franks Casket

Digital Chronique 2.0 (or see the introduction by creator Lisa Fagin Davis here)

Amalarius’s Bells: Old English and Medieval Latin Edition

Digital Grave (an Old English text with excellent pedagogical resources)

Four Anglo-Carolingian Minitexts

Old English Poetry in Facsimile


Porter, Dot. “Annotated Manuscripts with Digital Mappa.” Middle Ages for Educators, July 16, 2020. Accessed [date].