Books of Duchesses: Mapping Women Book Owners in Francophone Europe, 1350-1550

S.C. Kaplan  

Sarah Wilma Watson

This video introduction to the interactive Books of Duchesses digital mapping project allows users to explore the kinds of texts women readers owned in the Middle Ages, where these readers lived, and whether the books are still with us today. A beautiful project that fleshes out questions of medieval female readers and writers.


Discussion Questions:

What was the most interesting or surprising thing that you learned while exploring Books of Duchesses? 

Choose one woman owner from the list below and use Books of Duchesses to learn more about her reading habits. How many books did she own and what kinds of texts did these books contain?  

  • Agnes of Burgundy, duchess of Bourbon

  • Alice Chaucer, duchess of Suffolk

  • Isabel of Bavaria, queen of France

  • Jacquetta of Luxembourg, duchess of Bedford

  • Charlotte of Savoy, queen of France 

Brainstorm one or two research questions that you might use Books of Duchesses to answer. For example: “How many women owned books containing female-authored texts?”

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