Looking for an expert to help with your teaching or research on a specific topic? Here's a list of medievalists at the ready, who have generously agreed to help. 


Skyler Anderson

Skyler Anderson is a PhD candidate at Princeton University. He works primarily on the history of the Islamic World, but he…

Tina Bawden

Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Art History, Manuscript Studies

Alisa Beer
Fordham University

Manuscript and textile history

James Benn

Late Antique, Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Central Asia, Asia, China, Literature, History, Theology/Religious Studies.

Dainy Bernstein

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Northern Europe, Literature

Lucas Berrini

Medieval history and literature, Modern Medievalism, Research interests in Iberian history and wider interest in manuscript studies. Information…

Laura Cleaver

High Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Northern Europe, History, Art History, Manuscript Studies

Naama Cohen-Hanegbi

Late Medieval, Mediterranean, History, particularly history of medicine, body, & emotions.

Rebeca Cubas-Peña

Late Medieval, Literature, Manuscript Studies, History of medicine

Lisa Fagin Davis

Early, High & Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Art History, Manuscript Studies, provenance, digitized manuscripts, fragmentology.

Melodie Eichbauer

Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History, legal history

Merle Eisenberg

Late Antique, Early Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, History.

Daniel Franke

Pre-modern military history, Germany, England, Heraldry, Hundred Years War; Naval, modern medieval scholarship.

Katherine (Kit) French

Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History, women/gender/England/material culture/religion/Black Death

Jessica Goldberg

Early & High Medieval, Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, Cairo Geniza, Economic history,  Genoese notarial, legal history.

David Green

Hundred Years War, British, Irish and French later medieval history, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Literature, History.

John Wyatt Greenlee

Medieval and early modern maps, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History

Fiona Griffiths

Medieval Western Europe, intellectual and religious life from the ninth to the thirteenth century.

Marjorie Harrington

Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Literature, Manuscript Studies, Middle English, multilingualism and translation, Middle English.

Jack Hartnell

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Art History, Manuscript Studies, Images of medieval art, medicine.

Kaveh Hemmat

High & Late Medieval, Middle East, Asia & Central Asia, Islamic art & architecture, maps, Sufi poetry, Silk Road.

Jonathan Klein Henry, PhD
Lead Content Manager

Jonathan Henry is a lecturer at Princeton University in the area of ancient religion. He is a 2020 graduate of the Religion Department at Princeton University, working primarily on the origins of Christianity among various cultures in the Roman Empire (and beyond). 

Yanko Hristov

Early Medieval, Eastern Europe, Early Medieval Balkans, History

Laura Ingallinella

Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Literature, History, Theology/Religious Studies, Manuscript Studies. Resources on…

Ross Karlan

Late Medieval, Iberia, Literature, Art History

Dayanna Knight

Late Antique, Early Medieval, Northern Europe, Literature, History, Art History, Archaeology. Can provide free related coloring and activity page…

Kathy Krause

High & Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Manuscript Studies, French literature and culture, Modern Medievalism.

Molly Lester

Late Antique, Early Medieval, Mediterranean, History, Theology/Religious Studies

Sarah Luginbill

Early Medieval, High Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Northern Europe, History, Art History, Theology/Religious Studies

Vicky McAlister

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History, Archaeology, Digital Humanities

Sara McDougall

High  & Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Law, History, also into Literature, Art History, Theology/Religious Studies. 

Lee Mordechai

Late Antique, Early Medieval, High Medieval, Mediterranean, Middle East, Eastern Europe, History, Information Science.

Kathleen Neal

High & Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History, orality & literacy, and English royal and administrative history, legal history,…

Ingrid Nelson

Late Medieval, Literature, Northern Europe, England

José Carlos Sánchez-López

High & Late Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Theology/Religious Studies, Philosophy. 

Anita Savo

Literatures and cultures of medieval Iberia, vernacular authorship, material culture, modern Medievalism, Manuscript Studies

Dan Smail

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, History

Maya Sofier Irish

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Mediterranean, History, Crusades, medieval violence and military history, Hundred Years' War. PDFs on…

Peter Sposato

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Mediterranean, History

Tanya Stabler

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History

Justin Stearns

Plague in the Middle East and Iberia, Islamic Intellectual History, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Middle East, North Africa,&nbsp…

Karl Steel

High Medieval, Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Literature, Theology/Religious Studies, Philosophy, Literary theory, animals,…