Looking for an expert to help with your teaching or research on a specific topic? Here's a list of medievalists at the ready, who have generously agreed to help. 


Jamie Taylor

Late Medieval, Modern Medievalism, Northern Europe, Literature

Simon Thomson

Early Medieval, Northern Europe, Literature, History, Philosophy, Manuscript Studies

Nora Thorburn

Early Medieval, Northern Europe, Manuscript Studies, Medicine.

Elaine Treharne

Palaeography, Codicology and Archival Studies; Manuscript Studies; Manuscript Images, Old and Middle English.

Jan van Doren

History, Manuscript Studies, Late Antique, Early Medieval, Northern Europe

Chet Van Duzer

Late Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, History, Art History, maps.

Jan Vandeburie

High Medieval, Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, History, Manuscript Studies

Johannes Waldschuetz

Early & High & Late Medieval, Northern Europe, History, Theology/Religious Studies, cartularies and charters, historiography.

Michelle C. Wang

Early Medieval, High Medieval, Late Medieval, Central Asia, Asia, Art History, Theology/Religious Studies, Manuscript Studies. Makes…

Dominik Waßenhoven

Manuscript Studies, Early Medieval, History, Northern Europe, 10th and 11th century England and Germany, kingship and bishops.

Valerie Wilhite

High Medieval, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Literature

Diane Wolfthal

Late Medieval. Northern Europe, Italy, Art History. PDFs available for seminars on history of sexuality, rise of the monetary economy, and…