"Make Your Own Magical Papyrus" Instructions for Teachers

Geoffrey Smith, assistant professor of Religion at University of Texas, Austin, has written out simple instructions for creating magical papyri in the classroom. As he explains:

"I routinely teach an undergraduate seminar on Angels, Demons, and Magic in Early Christianity. To give students a feel for the materiality of ancient magic, I decided this year to walk them through the process of making a magical papyrus using materials similar to those used in antiquity. Everything you will need is readily available online, unless you choose to follow a more elaborate ink recipe, such as the one found in PGM VIII that calls for the sap of a mulberry tree, juice of a single stemmed wormwood, and the blood of a crow."

Geoffrey Smith's magical papyri instructions

Sample Image

Geoffrey Smith's sample of a magical papyrus, made for his class.

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