Laura Morreale

Cultural Historian
13th and 14th Century Italian peninsula

Laura Morreale is a cultural historian of the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Italian peninsula whose interests in medieval French-language writing extend to the Latin East. Dr. Morreale is the creator of several digital projects, including the French of Italy and French of Outremer websites and associated web-based studies, such as the Oxford Outremer Map and Exploring Place in the French of ItalyHer English-language translation of Martin da Canal’s Old French history of Venice, Les Estoires de Venise, appeared in 2009 (Padua: Unipress), and she co-edited an essay collection with Nicholas Paul, The French of Outremer: Communities and Communications in the Crusading Mediterranean (Fordham University Press) in 2018. Laura is the project lead on the Digital Documentation Process, a standardized citation and documentation system for born-digital projects.

You can follow Laura on Twitter @LauraMorreale.