Podcasting and Pedagogy

Nicholas Paul, Director, Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University

This video describes experiences with assigning podcast creation to students in history classes, with practical tips for educators and students.

Nicholas Paul outlines some challenges, best practices, and the opportunities when using podcasting for teaching medieval topics.

Video Introduction

Sources Referenced in this Video


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K-12 Education

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Podcast Accessibility

Hearing Loss Accessibility and Your Podcast

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Podcast Accessible 

Podcasting and the Past

Examples: Scholarship Made Accessible

“History Mondays” (France Culture- in French)

“In Our Time” (BBC) 

Throughline Podcast (NPR)

Footnoting History

Examples: Specialist Podcasts

Ottoman History

Byzantium & Friends

Practicalities: Recording and Editing

Garageband Tutorial for Podcasters: How to Setup, Record, and Edit a Podcast on a Mac

Record a Podcast on Zoom

Blanket Forts and Pantyhose: How to Set up a Decent Podcast Studio at Home:

How to Start Your Own Podcast (a good one for using Audacity)

Sample Prompt

Fordham University (2020) Podcast Sample Prompt. HIST 6078: The Crusader States: The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099-1291. Bronx, New York, Nicholas Paul.

Crusader States Course (a graduate-level Medieval Studies course 2015 and 2018) 

More Fordham Medieval Studies Digital Projects (also great for teaching!) 

Oxford Outremer Map Project

Online Medieval Sources Bibliography

Medieval Londoners

French of England

French of Outremer

French of Italy

And More…


Paul, Nicholas.“Podcasting and PedagogyMiddle Ages for Educators, July 15, 2020. Accessed [date].https://middleagesforeducators.princeton.edu/podcasting-and-pedagogy