A Qur'an from Harar, Ethiopia

Zulfikar Hirji, York University

Sana Mirza, Smithsonian Institution

This video examines the production and use of Qur’ans of the Swahili Coast, and an Ethiopian Qur’an from Harar. Long overlooked as peripheral to African manuscript culture, Islamic manuscript production of eastern Africa demonstrates deep transnational connections to trade and religious networks across the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Europe, and other regions of Africa. This video is part of the digital exhibit, "Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads."


Further Reading and Viewing

For an extended conversation about this object, see the video and accompanying materials on the "Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads" video page. 

See also the bibliography from the Hidden Stories Project website.


This video was originally produced for the "Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads" digital exhibit in 2022.

Hirji, Zulfika, and Sana Mirza. "A Qur'an from Harar, Ethiopia," Middle Ages for Educators, April 8, 2024. Accessed [date]. https://middleagesforeducators.princeton.edu/quran-harar-ethiopia