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Click here for Medieval Meets Modern
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Coins of Axum (medieval Africa) in the Princeton University Collection

In this video, Princeton Curator of Numismatics Alan Stahl introduces a new and growing collection of coins from the medieval African kingdom of Axum, in the area that is now Ethiopia.

The Gutenberg Bible: An Invention for Medieval Europe

This video introduces the Gutenberg Bible and explains how various copies were created, used, and added to in the mid-fifteenth century. A copy of the Bible from Erfurt, Germany, which is now housed at Princeton University Library, is examined and its features discussed.

An Illuminated Book of Psalms from England in the High Middle Ages

This video explores a beautiful book of illuminated Psalms from the manuscript collection at Princeton University Library, including many stories from the liturgical year. 

Exploring Medieval Jewish Art and Life through a Fifteenth-Century Italian Manuscript

This video introduces Garrett MS 26, a deluxe fifteenth-century manuscript from Princeton University Library that illustrates several events of Jewish life.

Misoginia, magia y más en el Libro del conde Lucanor de don Juan Manuel

This video introduces The Book of Count Lucanor, a mid-fourteenth century collection of exempla, or short stories, written in Spanish, and suggests how to read two of the stories in this book.

A Document of Sale from Medieval Egypt

This video is a discussion of item 27 in Islamic Manuscripts, Garrett Additional Box no. 20 at the Princeton University Library. This document of sale was written in 980 CE on behalf of the Coptic Christian Yuhānnis ibn Suqayna and his wife Maria, residents of the small town in the Fayyum called Buljusuq. They were buying a house from Maria’s father, Ibn al-Ḥillī. The document was registered by the notary Shuʿayb ibn Zakariyā and witnessed by several Muslims, including Muḥammad ibn Ḥisān ibn Dāwud who made a noticeable typo while writing his testimony. 

Introduction to Zoroastrian Manuscripts
Video Primary Sources

Skjærvø, Prods Oktor. The Spirit of Zoroastrianism. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 2011.

The Multimedia Yasna:

Further Reading

Boyce, Mary. Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs…

Misogyny, Magic, and More in Juan Manuel's Book of Count Lucanor

This video introduces The Book of Count Lucanor, a mid-fourteenth century collection of exempla, or short stories, written in Spanish, and suggests how to read two of the stories in this book.

Digital Florentine Codex

The Digital Florentine Codex gives access to a singular manuscript created by Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagún and a group of Nahua elders, authors, and artists. Written in parallel columns of Nahuatl and Spanish texts and hand painted with nearly 2,500 images, the encyclopedic codex is widely regarded as the most reliable source of…

World Epics

This collaborative website is devoted to epics from across the globe, including epic narratives in theatrical dramatizations, puppetry arts, music, visual art, and film. It aims likewise to showcase websites and teaching resources developed by colleagues featuring both oral and literary epics, from the ancient world to today.


Where are the Romans? What Attila's War Reveals about Barbarian Integration in the Late Roman Empire

This video covers several issues regarding the assimilation of non-Romans into the late Roman military. Attila the Hun's 451 invasion, climaxing in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (Chalons), is used as a case study of these phenomenona.

Astronomy in Medieval Manuscripts

Highlights astronomical manuscripts from across the medieval world in the Schoenberg Collection of the University of Pennsylvania Library.

Pandemic Lessons and Post-Pandemic Pedagogy

The following two videos include the morning and afternoon sessions of the New England Medieval Consortium’s 2021 Conference, “Teaching the Middle Ages: Pandemic Lessons and Post-Pandemic Pedagogy.” These videos focus on lessons learned during what might be called "the long 2020", a period marked by extraordinary disruptions and difficulties but also by extraordinary resilience and creativity on the part of teachers and students of Medieval Studies.


Hip-Hop and the Holy Grail (Video Lecture by Richard Sévère)

View a video comparing hip-hop music and Malory's tale of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, along with generous visual references to Monty Python.

postmedieval journal

Read articles on issues broadly pertaining to medievalism and current interactions with the past. 

Anatomy of a Duel: Jean de Carrouges versus Jacques Le Gris (Video lecture)

View a video lecture discussing the case of Jean de Carrouges versus Jacques Le Gris, a lawsuit that occurred in Paris in 1386. It’s the subject of the book The Last Duel by Eric Jager, and also of the upcoming movie The Last Duel directed by Ridley Scott.