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Click here for Medieval Meets Modern
Click here for Medieval Meets Modern


Medieval Academy of America
For the Tool Talks featured on the Medieval Academy of America Online Teaching Webinar, search "Teaching with Digital Tools."

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Shepherd of Hermas (Discussion of an Ancient Christian Text)

An educational interview with Chance Bonar (PhD cand., Harvard) on the ancient Christian text Shepherd of Hermas.

Hip-Hop and the Holy Grail (Video Lecture by Richard Sévère)

View a video comparing hip-hop music and Malory's tale of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, along with generous visual references to Monty Python.

postmedieval journal

Read articles on issues broadly pertaining to medievalism and current interactions with the past. 

Anatomy of a Duel: Jean de Carrouges versus Jacques Le Gris (Video lecture)

View a video lecture discussing the case of Jean de Carrouges versus Jacques Le Gris, a lawsuit that occurred in Paris in 1386. It’s the subject of the book The Last Duel by Eric Jager, and also of the upcoming movie The Last Duel directed by Ridley Scott.

Society for Armenian Studies Podcast

Listen to a podcast with the latest reviews on books and advancements in the field of Armenian Studies.

MEDIEVAL MEETS MODERN: "Sir Orfeo" and the 2019 film Portrait of a Lady on Fire

View a video comparing two retellings of the story of Orpheus, the medieval romance poem "Sir Orfeo" alongside the 2019 French historical romance film Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Video by Rachel Linn Shields. 

Prometheus image archive

Search images from 110 image databases housed at institutes, research facilities and museums on a common user interface.

Enchanted: The History of Magic & Witchcraft

Hear a podcast dealing with the history of magic, sorcery, alchemy, and witchcraft through the ages.