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Click here for Medieval Meets Modern
Click here for Medieval Meets Modern
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Princeton University Library MAFE Series

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The Renaissance of the 12th Century: An Introduction

This video briefly introduces the causes, developments, prominent figures, and historiography of the 12th-century renaissance. In particular, the video highlights the contributions of Adelard of Bath, an English philosopher and natural scientist, who embodies the 12th-century spirit of intellectual curiosity and cross-cultural interaction.

Charlemagne: His Empire and His Legacy

This video provides an overview of the significance and legacy of Charlemagne. It examines where Charlemagne expanded his empire and his primary method of imperialism. The primary sources provide two authors’ characterizations of Charlemagne through the lens of religion. 

World Epics

This collaborative website is devoted to epics from across the globe, including epic narratives in theatrical dramatizations, puppetry arts, music, visual art, and film. It aims likewise to showcase websites and teaching resources developed by colleagues featuring both oral and literary epics, from the ancient world to today.


MEDIEVAL MEETS MODERN: "Sir Orfeo" and the 2019 film Portrait of a Lady on Fire

View a video comparing two retellings of the story of Orpheus, the medieval romance poem "Sir Orfeo" alongside the 2019 French historical romance film Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Video by Rachel Linn Shields. 

Explore the Bayeux Tapestry Online

Discover the entire Bayeux Tapestry following online the 70 meter-long embroidered canvas which tells the story of the conquest of England in 1066.

How to Live in Cairo in the Year 1000 (video by Marina Rustow)

View an engaging window into daily life in Cairo for wealthy and poor, including living conditions, work, religious piety, and ideas about violence in history. 

Magna Carta 800th

View reliable resources about the Magna Carta, from the Magna Carta Trust site; created to commemorate the Magna Carta's 800th anniversary and the document's enduring legacy in European democracy.