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Click here for Medieval Meets Modern
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The Pañcarakṣā Sūtra: A Living Buddhist Text from Nepal

Pañcarakṣā (pronounce: "pancha-rak-sha") means “five protectresses” or “five protector goddesses.” This particular Pañcarakṣā Sūtra belongs to the Newari Buddhist tradition in Nepal and protects users from a range of illnesses and calamities including snake bites, defense from torments of hell, safety during sea journeys, and protection against pestilence. This video is part of the digital exhibit, "Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads."


Three Ethiopian Christian Objects

This video explores three Christian Ethiopian objects, including a prayer book, an amulet scroll (also known as a magic scroll), and a book stand. This video is part of the digital exhibit, "Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads."


The Gutenberg Bible: An Invention for Medieval Europe

This video introduces the Gutenberg Bible and explains how various copies were created, used, and added to in the mid-fifteenth century. A copy of the Bible from Erfurt, Germany, which is now housed at Princeton University Library, is examined and its features discussed.

Digital Florentine Codex

The Digital Florentine Codex gives access to a singular manuscript created by Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagún and a group of Nahua elders, authors, and artists. Written in parallel columns of Nahuatl and Spanish texts and hand painted with nearly 2,500 images, the encyclopedic codex is widely regarded as the most reliable source of…

World Epics

This collaborative website is devoted to epics from across the globe, including epic narratives in theatrical dramatizations, puppetry arts, music, visual art, and film. It aims likewise to showcase websites and teaching resources developed by colleagues featuring both oral and literary epics, from the ancient world to today.


Astronomy in Medieval Manuscripts

Highlights astronomical manuscripts from across the medieval world in the Schoenberg Collection of the University of Pennsylvania Library.

Anatomy of a Duel: Jean de Carrouges versus Jacques Le Gris (Video lecture)

View a video lecture discussing the case of Jean de Carrouges versus Jacques Le Gris, a lawsuit that occurred in Paris in 1386. It’s the subject of the book The Last Duel by Eric Jager, and also of the upcoming movie The Last Duel directed by Ridley Scott.

North of Byzantium

Explore the rich history, art, and culture of the northern frontiers of the Byzantine Empire in Eastern Europe between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Mapping Eastern Europe

Access content about the history of Eastern Europe in the form of historical overviews, art historical case studies, short notices about ongoing research projects, and reviews of recent books and exhibitions. 


Browse resources, news, updates useful for teaching in medieval studies at the undergraduate, secondary, and elementary school level through the provision of resources and the sharing of techniques.

Medieval Blood Libel and Anti-Asian Racism
Racism Then and Now

Following the tragic incidents of March 16, 2021 when six women of Asian descent were killed in Atlanta, Georgia, this lesson compares the medieval phenomenon of Blood Libel through the story…