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Click here for Medieval Meets Modern
Click here for Medieval Meets Modern


Medieval Academy of America
For the Tool Talks featured on the Medieval Academy of America Online Teaching Webinar, search "Teaching with Digital Tools."

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Annotated Manuscripts with Digital Mappa

Explains how to use Digital Mappa to annotated manuscripts for student use, or with students. The tool allows for extensive (linked) background information and cross-referencing within projects, which are also demonstrated in the video.

The MEMS researcher Open Access Cheat Sheet

A list of resources dedicated to early modern and medieval scholarship, which are either Open Access at the moment, or are generally available off campus and in your home.

American Historical Association's Remote Teaching Resources

The American Historical Association's Remote Teaching Resources compiles materials and tools to help historians develop courses and teach remotely in online and hybrid environments.

Tips for Teaching Medieval Studies Online

This video gives tips and ideas on teaching medieval courses online.

Abelard and Heloise

This video introduces letters to and from Heloise, a 12th-century abbess in France, discussing, among other matters, her efforts to get her son a better job.

A Life in the Black Death: The Inventory of Alayseta Paula (Marseille, 1348)

This video introduces Alayseta Paula, a fourteenth-century inhabitant of Marseille and survivor of the Black Death who asks forgiveness for bringing her legal business to court past the required date.

Teaching Portugal’s Age of Expansion and Exploration

This video introduces literature of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Iberia, during the 'Age of Expansion,' with an emphasis on teaching techniques.